Dating Mindsets

By Dr. Duana Welch

11 Relationship Tips

Dating expert Dr. Duana Welch teaches you how to dispel dating myths, your attachment style, and crucial qualities to look for in a partner.

Case Studies

Learn from case studies of individuals Duana has worked with and how they navigated common dating challenges.


Put into practice what you're learning with exercises to help you identify the right person for you.

What You'll Learn

How to dispel dating myths

Crucial qualities to look for in a partner

How to choose your attachment match

Course Tips

Meet your dating expert: Dr Duana Welch, the original Love Factually author and coach. In this first session, Duana explains where her passion for helping people to date comes from and provides an overview of what you'll learn in the course.
Myths About Finding Love
All of us have beliefs when it comes to love, and some of these can act as roadblocks to finding a great partner. Duana identifies three common myths that she hears from her clients and helps you confront them.
Your Attachment Style
Duana introduces the concept of attachment styles: ​our habitual way of feeling and being in intimate relationships. She explains where they come from and why they have such a big impact on the quality of our intimacy and the form that our search for a partner takes.
Attachment Styles In-Depth
Duana dives into each of the four attachment styles in depth, looking at the qualities and behaviours they embody to help you better understand which style you and the people you date have.
Changing Your Style
If you have a non-secure style, then moving towards greater security will improve your odds of finding and keeping a partner. Duana explores how you can do this by challenging your inner narrator using the notice and redirect method.
Choosing Your Attachment Match
Duana explains which style of partner is most likely to bring you security and happiness, based on your own style. She goes on to explore how you can identify partners with this style.
Your List for a Partner
It’s hard to match with a great partner if you don’t know what qualities you want and need them to have. Duana helps you create a list of these qualities, which will be refined in upcoming sessions.
Are Your Standards Too High?
When looking at our list for a partner we should ask ourselves whether we’re over-indexing on surface qualities. Duana discusses the importance of matching, trading, or removing these qualities, lest they keep us permanently single.
Your Top Two Must-Have Standards
Duana explains how, without kindness and respect, even the most passionate love relationship will end. She encourages you to make them must-haves qualities in your list and suggests ways of sussing them out in a partner.
Other Must-Have Standards
Duana discusses other must-have standards you should look for in a partner, alongside kindness and respect. She discusses the importance of intelligence, mental stability, teamwork, and more.
After summarising the topics covered in the course, Duana concludes with a personal story of her previous relationship challenges before finding her husband. She encourages you to remain optimistic and persistent; finding a great partner is achievable for you too!

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