Progressing in the Pandemic

By Dr. Hannah Sherbersky and Martin Gill

8 Relationship Tips

Couple therapists Dr. Hannah Sherbersky and Martin Gill explore the ways in which the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping romantic relationships and how to tackle these challenges head on.

Case Studies

Learn from case studies of couples Hannah and Martin have worked with and how they navigated common issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Put into practice what you're learning with exercises to do either by yourself or with your partner.

What You'll Learn

How to negotiate new living and working arrangements

Skills for coping with stress, loss and uncertainty

How to manage your mental and physical health together

Course Tips

Welcome to the course! Hannah and Martin begin by outlining some of the key challenges we might be facing during the pandemic and share a useful visualisation exercise to start your journey.
The Effects of Home-Based Working
Hannah explores ways to mitigate some of the challenges of working from home such as how to create healthy boundaries, manage low mood and schedule time together, and proposes a reflection exercise...
Managing Your Mental Health and Wellbeing Together
Martin explores some of the psychological effects of lockdown living as well as some key ideas for practising self care.
Parenting During the Pandemic
Hannah looks at how to support your children in managing anxiety and their homeschooling needs, as well as the concept of being a ‘good enough’ parent
Loss and Acceptance
Many losses may be taking place in your lives at the moment. These may be literal, such as losing loved ones or friends, but also may include missing family or our old way of life. Hannah shares ways to support each other with the help of a case study.
Managing Fear in an Uncertain Future
Martin looks at how flexibility in your thinking and planning as a couple during a time of economic uncertainty can be helpful, and an exercise to reframe your worries.
Good Communication in Times of Stress
Martin discusses some of the main communication problems that can occur between you and your partner during times of stress and how to overcome them, plus an exercise to try out with your partner.
We’ve reached the end of the course! Hannah and Martin recap the techniques they’ve shared that will help you to come through the pandemic even stronger and closer as a couple than before.

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