Relationship Foundations

By Dr. Terri Orbuch

14 Relationship Tips

Join Dr. Terri Orbuch as she blends decades of experience as a therapist with research-based findings on how to keep your relationship happy, exciting and passionate!

Case Studies

Learn from case studies of couples Terri has worked with and how they navigated common relationship issues.


Put into practice what you're learning with exercises to do either by yourself or with your partner.

What You'll Learn

How to keep your partner feeling affirmed, happy and supported

Common destructive behaviours to avoid

Simple strategies to keep your relationship fun and fresh

Course Tips

Terri has spent more than 30 years studying relationships and helping couples go the distance. She begins the course by outlining how a few simple strategies can ensure your relationship is exciting, passionate and really happy.
Set Realistic Expectations
The biggest reason relationships fail isn't conflict, bad communication, or sexual incompatibility, it’s frustration caused by unrealistic expectations. Terri shares some of the key myths that drive these unrealistic beliefs.
Dispelling Common Relationship Myths
How much do you really know about relationships? To check we’re not being misled by common myths ingrained in us from our childhood and the media, Terri shares a short relationship IQ quiz, the answers to which may surprise you...
Identify Your Own Expectations
Partners who can identify each other’s personal expectations in a relationship experience greater happiness and less frustration over time. Terri shares an exercise that will help you articulate your expectations with each other.
Do or Say Simple Things Often
Terri looks at the significant role that affirmation plays in relationship happiness, explores the different ways you can give it to your partner, and invites you to complete a challenge...
Understand That Support Comes in Different Ways
The sense of being able to count on your partner for help is key to relationship happiness and fulfilment. Terri explores three types of support you can give each other along with a case study.
Ask for the Support You Need
Terri continues to discuss the topic of support in relationships and shares a four-step guide to asking your partner for help and clearly communicating your needs
Get to Know Your Partner (Again)
Many couples unfortunately mistake their handling of daily tasks and frequent exchanges of practical information for real communication. Terri’s ‘10-Minute Rule’ can help.
Resolve Disagreements Well
Some conflict with your partner is typical and inevitable. This session explores key strategies that can help you resolve disagreements constructively.
Getting Out of a Relationship Rut
There are several reasons why relationships fall into a rut, but staying in one will eat away at the happiness and excitement in your relationship. Terri shares some small changes you can make, as well as an exercise to inspire your next date night!
Appreciating Two Kinds of Love
Terri explains the difference between two main types of love – passionate love and companionate love – and the role they both play in building connection and intimacy over time.
Reignite Passion & Excitement
Even though passionate love inevitably declines in all relationships over time, it can be reignited and rekindled. Terri shares some tried-and-tested strategies and why they work.
Important Overall Things to Remember
Terri runs through four additional strategies she’s learned from her 30 year study of long-term couples and how they can keep your relationship happy, exciting and healthy over time
Here we are, at the end of the course. Terri looks back on the key characteristics of happy couples and shares some final top tips, so you can keep up the good work you’ve started.

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