Sex and Intimacy

By Dr. Pepper Schwartz

19 Relationship Tips

Sex and intimacy expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz teaches you about your sexual self and how to make your relationship more fulfilling.

Case Studies

Learn from case studies of couples Pepper has worked with and how they navigated common sexual issues.


Put into practice what you're learning with exercises to do either by yourself or with your partner.

What You'll Learn

How to develop sexual creativity and imagination

How to communicate about sex with your partner

How to deal with issues of orgasm, erections, and more

Course Tips

Pepper has spent decades helping couples with their intimate and sexual relationships. She begins the course by outlining how it will help you to know yourself, your sexuality, and your sexual self in a relationship much better.
Keeping Intimacy Alive
Intimacy is what keeps sexuality alive and well, and a lack of intimacy can make sex feel required rather than desired. Pepper illustrates this using the concept of our 'sexual vision' and a case study.
Reprioritising Intimacy
Although most of us want an intimate relationship, research shows we are not doing the things that get us there. Pepper invites us to change this by reprioritising intimacy in our lives.
Desire and Arousal
Pepper explores the difference between two important aspects of intimacy - desire and arousal - and describes the most common desires that people have.
Problems with Desire
To illustrate the problems that people can have with desire, Pepper gives us a case study of a couple she worked with - Mary and Tod. She concludes with an exercise to help you trigger more desire in your relationship.
Getting to Desire
Pepper discusses how our desire can bloom over time and uses a case study to illustrate how past experiences can limit our desire.
Getting in the Way of Desire
Pepper looks at the five biggest things that get in the way of sexual desire: hurtful comments, emotional distance, how well someone takes care of themselves, not enjoying the ways someone behaves in bed, and one’s own feeling about attractiveness.
Problems of Arousal
Sexual arousal problems are common among women and men. Pepper discusses two case studies of people with arousal problems that originated in their prior sexual experience.
Reawakening Arousal
Pepper looks at four of the most important inhibitions to arousal and gives you an exercise to help you reawaken it in your relationship.
Cultural Barriers to Sex
Our culture and personal experiences affect our sexual intimacy with a partner. Pepper explains the importance of skipping the scripts we inherited from the media and treating ourselves and our partner as two unique lovers.
Difficulties Communicating Sexual Needs
While talking about sexual needs is really hard, we still need to do it! Pepper covers some case studies of couples who struggled to communicate their sexual needs and how they overcame this.
Creating Intimate Sexual Conversations
Pepper continues to explore how we can communicate our sexual needs using a framework known as Imago Techniques.
Breaking Out of Sexual Routines
Breaking out of sexual routines is key to keeping the spark alive in our relationship. Pepper illustrates this using a case study and gives a few guiding rules for discussing sexual routines with your partner.
Sexual Creativity and Imagination
Pepper looks at a few ways to add heat to a cooler sex life, including new locations, trying out toys, and sharing and acting out fantasies.
A Great Sex Getaway
It's sometimes necessary to take extreme measures to give ourselves the private time to concentrate on sexual intimacy in the way it deserves. Pepper gives you some tips to create a getaway that is sexy and intimate.
Perfecting Orgasms
Pepper looks at why people fake orgasms, our expectations around orgasms, and gives you an exercise to consider how you and your partner reach orgasm.
Frequency of Sex
The single most common issue that affects sexual intimacy is that one person wants more sex and the other person wants less. Pepper explores this idea and gives you an exercise to reflect on it in your life.
The Sexual Life Cycle
Getting older does not have to mean less sexual pleasure if you are able to adapt your 'sexual vision'. Pepper teaches you some of things that more sexually satisfied couples do.
Here we are, at the end of the course! Pepper summarises the key points we've covered and gives you some final tips so you can keep up the good work you’ve started.

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